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I had been off work for 1 year due to having to take strong pain killers for a bulging disc in my neck. I have now had 3, 1 hour sessions that have reduced the pain so much no longer need strong pain killers and have returned to work.I am sleeping so much better now.

                                                         V Buhl


My job as a hairdresser strains my back, arms and shoulders and can prevent me teaching karate. I have a sports massage each month that keeps me working and teaching pain free!

                                                         Karen Pang


"A car accident 10 years ago left long term neck pain. After the first session I just felt for the first time the pain was easing away. I completed a further 8 sessions that have enabled me to regain normal range of movement with only minimal discomfort. I am so very grateful."

                                                         Anne S.


My GP warned against surgery for my Dupuytrens contracture as it was not yet causing problems for me in my occupation as a dentist. I did however mention it to Stephen during my monthly massage session.

Later, after much research by Stephen and futher discussion with my GP we decided to see if the same massage techniques used by Stephen on scar tissue would work in reducing the pull of the connective tissue fascial cords in the effected hand.

After 2 twenty minute sessions the fascial cords began to revert back to their normal condition and the two pea sized lumps along the cord were so diminished that I could no longer feel them when gripping the shaft of my putter during golf.

                                                         Peter Cole


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